User-friendly navigation. Dynamic appeal. Putting a face on the company name. That is the aim of creating a completely customized web identity to build the online image of clients. This is done with research on the subject to be presented, including the position of the company, the image the client wishes to portray, and what their expectations are from their online presence.

The Foresite team formulates a creative think tank with a plan to create such online image, how to go about designing the concept through the use of various tools.

First impressions can make a lasting impact. That is why with Foresite, layouts are eye-catching, magnetic, and engage visitors with the aim to increase profitability and retain potentially new consumers.

The simple refurbishing of a website without the proper study and strategy could leave your website victim to outdated content and create an inconvenient user experience. Foresite aims to enhance the image of the website, increase effectiveness, and rejuvenate the experience with proper design; managing updated content and enhancing navigation.

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