Foresite is building Luminus Catering's online presence!

After developing SAE JordanAl Quds CollegeBell Amman and Luminus EducationForesite is developing Luminus Catering! The brands mentioned are part of Luminus Group. 

Luminus Group is a private shareholding company headquartered in Amman, Jordan. Its investments range across diverse sectors such as education, trading, real estate and food services. The shareholders are Mr. Ishaq Safadi, Founder and Chairman of Luminus Group and Mr. Ziad Manaseer, Chairman of Manaseer Group. In 2006 Luminus Group chartered a new strategic direction in line with the economic growth of the region by consolidating its operations and launching an international partnership acquisition strategy across its business units. The Group built a new regional headquarters in Amman, Jordan which is home to 400 employees and 4500 students from 23 different nations.