Foresite is developing Sunref Website

Sunref, The Green Lending Programme in Jordan specialize in Renewable energy, Sustainable Energy and Environment Protection. Foresite is working on developing their official website that will be launched soon with the launch of the project in Jordan.

The French Development Agency (AFD) has committed more than EUR 2 billion internationally, alongside EUR 65 million in EU subsidies, as part of the SUNREF Initiative – Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Finance. This includes USD 53 million which has been extended to two Jordanian banks, on “soft” terms, for onward lending at highly attractive rates and terms to Jordanian firms and households wanting to make green investments.

Much equipment used in Jordan’s industries is old and inecient. To compete in a global economy, enterprises must keep down the costs of key inputs like water and energy to levels similar to what their competitors are achieving with the use of modern technologies. A recent survey of 52 SMEs identied investments worth almost EUR 6 million that would pay back in periods of between 7 and 14 months from the energy savings alone. The companies in question represent a range of industrial sectors: from plastics and rubber, through food and beverage to wood and furniture.

Learn more by visiting their official website of the Green Lending Program in Jordan